CrossFit Postal - Boone NC

CrossFit Postal – Boone, NC

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CrossFit Postal, located behind the Boone Post Office, is Boone’s leading competitive CrossFit gym.


More About CrossFit

CrossFit combines the best components of the best styles and systems of athletic training: running, rowing, power lifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and even yoga. It combines the camaraderie of an athletic team with the support of a family and the thrill of a challenging game. You will lift, jump, push, pull, stretch, throw, climb, run, jump, handwalk, and with dedication, you will learn to utilize your body’s massive potential with ease.

We do not sculpt or train the body section by section; we use functional, whole-body movements that mimic movements required in daily life. Squatting is standing from a seated position. Deadlifting is lifting a heavy object off of the ground. Clean-and-jerks are moving heavy luggage to an overhead bin or heavy boxes to a high shelf.

CrossFit builds uncommon quality into common skills, becomes the foundation of an active lifestyle, and allows whole communities to come together through shared confidence and strength. Our movements will repeat themselves every day as you move throughout your life, so every day you will see your own body grow and strengthen.

CrossFit Postal is proud to now have a sanctioned USAW barbell club. 

Come be a part of our CrossFit Postal community today. We believe that fitness is necessary, achievable, and fun, and all are welcome.

A CrossFit Box in Boone, NC