Ben Sibley


Don Mattox

Don MattoxFollowing three years of military service, Don, father of three moved to Boone from Charlotte and completed his Masters in Education in 1977. He is a veteran of the fitness business and was a gym owner for many years.

After several years in the real estate business and a few years of retirement Don was introduced to CrossFit. Falling in love with the training, the support, but mostly the sense of community, Don decided to again get into the fitness business with the opening of CrossFit Postal.

“I have learned to surround myself with good people and listen to them.”  Don sees his role as marketer and promoter of the community aspect of CrossFit.

His favorite saying is “I love this stuff!”

Ben Sibley

Ben Sibley
Coach Ben started doing CrossFit in October of 2009. Since there were no CrossFit boxes in Boone, he spent his first 3+ years doing mainsite workouts in App State’s campus gyms or in his basement. He attained his Level 1 Trainer certificate in 2011, his CrossFit Kids certification in 2013, and his Level 2 Trainer certification in 2014

Ben teaches in the physical education teacher education program at ASU, he has a PhD in Exercise Science, and is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He enjoys working with athletes of all ages and ability levels.

Beth Sibleybeth

Beth has always been a lover of exercise and started doing CrossFit in August 2013.   When Beth began attending CrossFit classes she really loved the way the athletes encouraged each other during the WODs and the strong sense of community she felt at the box. This prompted her to get her L1 in 2014.  Beth also helps run CrossFit Postal’s Kids’ program.  She is passionate about health and nutrition and sees the importance in teaching children, including her own two kids, about living a healthy lifestyle.  Beth has been with CFP since it opened in 2014.  She is married to Coach Ben and they love being a part of the Postal community.

When Beth is not at the box, she is working at Watauga High School or running her kids to their various activities.

Jereme Daniels

Jereme Daniels
Captain for Boone Fire Department, Jereme has been involved in the fitness industry for fifteen years. He is a personal trainer, boot camp instructor, fitness trainer, and now a L-2 CrossFit Coach.

A background in fitness, nutrition, and EMT training has made him a vital part of The CrossFit Postal team. Jereme is a new dad with the birth of his first child and cherishes the community aspect of CrossFit.

Ashley Haass


Ashley’s love of sports began at a very young age.  From the age of 6 her athletic drive and dedication pushed her as she competed all around Florida, as a gymnast and a swimmer, up through the age of 13.  In High School she played numerous team sports and it was during this time that she also discovered her love of running. With over a decade of running under her belt she has completed more road races than she can count and numerous Obstacle Course races.

In 2012 Ashley decided to try something new and looked up the closest CrossFit box.  With her gymnastics background, and natural athletic ability, it didn’t take long for Ashley to catch on and improve in all aspects of CrossFit.  Ashley’s favorite part of CrossFit is the Olympic Lifting.  She loves the challenge and technicality of it.

For years, Ashley’s co-workers had called her Coach Haass.  Her love of fitness and extensive knowledge of the right nutrition to fuel her body prompted her friends and co-workers to constantly ask her, “How can I get in better shape and look like you?”  Ashley loved to pass on her information and experience to anyone who was interested.  She loved to help people realize that exercise and the right food could make them feel better.  That love carries over into her coaching here at CrossFit Postal.

“I love watching people accomplish things that they never thought they could do.  Their smiles and dedication are what gets me out of bed at 5 A.M.  every day.”


Damon Flinchum


Damon got involved in athletics at an early age. He played football, ran track, and power lifted in high school. When he graduated  he needed a new athletic outlet and found CrossFit which led him to get his L1 in June of 2014. Since then he has gone on to get his USA Weightlifting certification and has targeted the classic lifts in his training, though he still WODs 3-4 times a week. He is a full time student at Appalachian State currently studying Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning. “I love our box and its atmosphere so if I am not studying I’m there. Let’s get better together. ”

Derek Nelson

Derek Nelson - CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I grew up in an active household, all my brothers and parents played sports or exercised on a regular basis.  I played soccer from a youth through high school.  I also enjoyed rock climbing through my college years. I have always been familiar with body weight and cardio activities.  Funny thing is, it is the Olympic lifting that I love aboutCrossFit .

I started CrossFit in Feburary of 2011. My first class was Cindy, one of the benchmarks, and I was only able to do 5 rounds.  Any seasoned crossfitter would laugh at that score.  What it did for me is motivate me to do better.  My old routine at the gym never did that for me.  CrossFit has pushed me out of my comfort zone.  The more I learned the more I wanted to learn, and then realized I was good at explaining what I learned to those who didn’t. I received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate in late 2012 and followed that up quickly with a CrossFit Gymnastics certificate.  

I enjoy entering CrossFit competitions and do so 4-5 times a year. I love being in the box and the comradery that is built from digging deep to get through the workouts. Ultimately, CrossFit has made living and most importantly, participating in a life full of adventures far more enjoyable. It has increased the quality of my life.

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